13. Whaz problem

13. Whaz problem

Whaz’ problem Woman
Aint i a man
Dont i do
All for you
That i can

Whaz’ problem woman
Try to explain
Hold me Tight
Dry your Eyes
No more Rain

Im your Shoulder
That you Can lean On Babe
I wish you glad no need to run
I know you came undone

Love you WomanSoul
Heart Soul and Body
I wish to understand your world
I got a life long to live with you

Whaz’ problem Woman
I try understand
I can’t go
Were you go
As a man

I’ll give you a miracle
Don’t lock me out
So come on back to me
Somewhere we’ll go again
No more rain

Im your Shoulder
That you Can lean On


Composer: Erann David Drori
Lyricist: Michael Garvin
Lead Vokal: ErannDD
Bass: Bastian Sjelberg
Drums: Kristoffer Sjelberg
Guitar: Jacob Gurevitsch
Keys: Poul Reimann
Trompet: Michael Mølhede
Produced & Mixed: Kjeld Wennick & Erann David Drori
Additional Engineer & Mix: Teis Frandsen